Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Adlerian Therapy

Adlerian Therapy 

Therapy Focus
Importance of the feelings of self (ego) that arise from interactions and conflicts.
The sense of self, or The Ego is the core individuality/personality of a person
Adlerian therapy got its start from psychoanalysis.
It places emphasis on motivation and social interaction
A phenomenological approach
Social interest is stressed
Study of birth order and sibling relationships.
Purpose of therapy is teaching, informing, and encouraging.
Basic mistakes of client logic
o Overgeneralization
o Exaggerated need for security
o Misperceptions of life
o Denial of ones worth
o Faulty values
The therapeutic relationship is a collaborative partnership.
Focus on the importance of each person’s:
o Unique motivations
o Perceived niche in society
o Goal directedness

Phenomenological Approach
Adlerian's attempt to view the world from the client’s subjective frame of reference.
Belief in how life in reality is less important than how the individual believes life to be.
Belief that it is not the childhood experiences that are crucial, but rather our present interpretation of these events.
Belief that unconscious instincts and our past do not determine our behavior.

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