Thursday, March 24, 2016

Historical Trauma

■ The collective emotional and psychological injury both over the life span of an individual and across family generations, as a result of a societal/ethnic/racial trauma.
o Holocaust
o Native American Genocide
o Japanese Concentration camps
o Slavery
■ Detrimental Effects
o Psychological
◆ Depression
◆ Suicide
o Behavioral
◆ Alcoholism
o Medical
◆ Heat disease
o Societal
◆ Child abuse and domestic violence
◆ Treatment Goals
o Psycho educational and normalization of feelings regarding the trauma
o Sharing effects of trauma in order to provide relief
o Collective mourning/healing in order to create positive group identity and reunion with community
■ Survivors' child complex
o Fixation to trauma
o Failed attempts to resolve past
■ Disenfranchised grief
o Loss cannot be openly mourned (due to culture or present societal circumstances)
■ Transposition
o Living in the past and the present
■ Psychological Symptoms of Trauma
o Nightmares
o Perceived obligation to ancestors
o Individual feels inhibited with shame
o Society suffers the loss of an ancestral tradition
o 1st Generation often has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
■ Coping strategies
o Memory candles
o Living testaments
o Bring back ancestral tradition

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