Thursday, September 1, 2016

Adlerian Therapy

Adlerian Therapy 

Social Interest
■ Adler’s most significant and distinctive concept.
■ Refers to an individual’s attitude toward and awareness of being part of the human community.
■ Mental health is measured by the degree to which we successfully share with others and are concerned with their welfare.
■ Happiness and success are largely related to social connectedness.

Role of Birth Order Psychological Positions
■ Motivates later behavior.
■ First born/ Oldest o Favored pseudo-parents, high achievers
o Receives more attention, spoiled
■ Second born o Rivalry and competition
o Behaves a in a race, often opposite first child
■ Middle Child o Often feels squeezed out
■ Last born o More pampered, “baby,” creative, rebellious, revolutionary, avant-garde
■ Only Child o Does not learn to share or cooperate with other children
o Learns to deal with adults

■ Encouragement is the most powerful method available for changing a person’s beliefs
■ Helps build self-confidence and stimulates courage
■ Discouragement is the basic condition that prevents people from functioning
■ Clients are encouraged to recognize that they have he power to choose and act differently

5 Basic Tasks
■ Acceptance
■ Achieving Intimacy
■ Work
■ Spiritual Dimension
■ Community/Friendship

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