Thursday, September 1, 2016

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapy

Major Principles

o Interested in the whole person
o Emphasis on integration of thoughts feelings, behaviors, body and dreams

■ Field Theory
o Organism must be seen in its environment or its context as part of a constantly changing field
● Relational
● In flux
● Interrelated
● In progress

■ Figure Formation Process
o How client organizes environment from moment to moment
o Background
● The undifferentiated field or ground
o Figure
● The emerging focus of attention

■ Organismic Self Regulation
o Restore equilibrium or contribute to growth and change

Therapy Process
■ The Now o Power in the present
o Nothing exists except the now
o The past is gone and the future has not yet arrived
o For many people the power of the present is lost
● They may focus on their past mistakes or engage in endless resolutions and plans for the future.

■ Unfinished Business o Feelings about the past are unexpressed
o These feelings are associated with distinct memories and fantasies
o Feelings not fully experienced in the background and interfere with effective contact
o Preoccupation, compulsive behavior, wariness oppressive energy and self defeating behavior.

■ Layers of Neurosis o Perls likens the unfolding of adult personality to the peeling of an onion.
o Phony layer- stereotypical and inauthentic
o Phobic layer- fears keep clients from seeing themselves
o Impasse layer- giving up power
o Implosive layer- fully experiencing deadness
o Explosive layer- letting go of phony roles

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